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Lewt is a powerful rewards tool that keeps visitors engaged with your website content. Gamify your website and let visitors earn cash or physical and digital rewards. Guide your website visitor to important content through micro rewards and keep them coming back for more.

Loot-per-click website marketing


Attracting visitors by paying for pay-per-click links on Google and other search engines is the standard and dated way of getting people to your website. The problem with this approach is that after you have paid for a click, there is no other incentive for the visitor to stay on your website apart from viewing your content.

What if your website had both great content and offered rewards? Our service lets you add a gaming element to your website, where you can reward your visitors with cash or other offers you have such as coupon codes, products and much more. This will turn your visitors into regulars and you can keep them interested by adding new rewards and discounts on a regular basis.

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Minesweeper powered by Lewt

The purpose here is to demonstrate how Lewt can be added to an online game and make visitors keep playing. After you log in, you earn 1 credit per tile you click on. You can view credits earned and rewards by using the Lewt menu in the bottom left corner of the screen. Click the green button to log in with a demo account and try out the Lewt powered Minesweeper game.

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Create tiles with your products that link to rich media content on your website or youtube. You can share cash or credits on each click while visitors explore your website.

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These are the latest websites that offer rewards in exchange for credits you earn.

These are the latest websites where you get paid in cash.

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How to loot this website:

Sign in and click on tiles to earn cash, view articles and watch videos. Each tile clicked has a 24h cooldown before you can earn from it again.

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